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My sprite Theo hatching / v \ 
for Minispris@deviantart
scanned at last~
Noel in copics
Chibis of my kitties from mine and Tutu’s kitty band ahurhur~ e v e
Noel on the right (Vocals), Raphael on the left (keyboard)
Happy Birthday to <333 while it might not be her birthday still in my timezone, it’s still her birthday in hers, and that’s what matters hnnghhh /sonotlatesonotlatesobsobsob
wip of another picture of Noel xD
using my copics for a change 
Noel in something more boyish this time / v \
/using reference to practice umm.. notsureificanfindthatpicturethough;;;
My boy Noel wearing something cute e v e
totally disapproving of it but he can’t stop meee
uhmmm idk if it looks like him very much, but this is a sketch of Prussia for my husbando~ hope you like it ; u ;
Self Portrait of myself today
sketch for a summer picture of my OC Aleksi~ man i love those shorts /D